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The Cunning Red Fox

As the Countryside reduces in size and more houses are built wildlife inevitably suffers. Over the years foxes have been forced to survive in Urban Communities and you may well have seen one lurking in your neighbourhood!

Although finding a place to set up home can be challenging for foxes, finding food can be relatively easy.

Foxes have been seen breaking into bin bags and taking scraps of food as they are omnivore scroungers. They eat anything from rabbit and voles to bird eggs, beetles and fruit.

They are lazy predators and although they will take livestock, such as guinea pigs and chickens, it is highly unlikely that they would be a threat to cats, dogs or humans. They are opportunistic scavengers but in truth they are the first to run if they feel threatened.

The average lifespan of a fox in the wild is 2-4 years. They can be seen throughout the year as they don't hibernate.Fox dens are usually holes in the ground, often with different exits to protect the cubs in case of a predator invasion.

The peak time for mating is January, with 4-5 cubs per litter being born in March so this is a good time of year to spot them.