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Saving Pets - Changing Lives!


Wouldn't it break your heart if this little fellow got sick and you couldn't afford the Vet's bill?

Pets are part of the family. Our four-legged friends give unconditional love and are sometimes a person’s only companion. They don’t deserve to suffer through economic and social hardship. They can’t help themselves. But the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) can – with our help!

The PDSA are the UK’s leading vet charity. Every year, the dedicated teams at their 48 Pet Hospitals work tirelessly to provide 2.7 million veterinary treatments – including 440,000 preventative treatments. This helps over 470,000 much-loved pets and brings peace of mind to 300,000 owners.

They are a leading authority on all things concerning pet health and wellbeing: whether its leading the debate on pet obesity, conducting Britain’s biggest annual pet wellbeing survey, raising the status of animals or simply celebrating their contribution to our lives.

Fantastic Animals has chosen the PDSA as our Charity of the Year 2019 and we will be donating 10% of our profits to this great charity.

So the great news is that when you treat yourself to a lovely piece of jewellery from our collection you will be helping someone somewhere  to get their pet the help they need! Visit for more information on their great work.