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It's Playtime!

Just hearing the word "Playtime" takes me back to school and I am suddenly 6 years old again excitedly running out into the playground with my friends!

Today I still love to 'play' with my friends, as well as my dog, cat and kids and best of all I love to get away on holiday and have some fun!

When I was young the one thing that spoiled playtime was when I lost a precious toy - and let me tell you - I am prone to losing things!

It's the same today, if I lose something while out enjoying myself it really spoils the day. My phone is the thing I fear losing most, I am forever putting it down and losing track of where it is, and spend more time ringing myself from another phone than anyone else does phoning me! 

When out walking the dog I stuff my phone in my pocket, as I don't carry a bag when walking so I have my hands free to play.

However a few times it has fallen out and once into a very muddy puddle!

Then I discovered this amazing accessory - the Infinity scarf with a hidden pocket!

I can pop my phone in the secret pocket and it is safe and easily accessible wherever I am! I have a warm one for when out walking in the winter, and I have a lovely light one which I wear around the house and when out in warmer weather.

No more searching around the house for my phone or dropping it outside! No more repair bills!

Its amazing too how many uses I have found for it since I started wearing it.

I went to a concert where no bags were allowed - where to keep my phone, cash and cards? My Infinity Scarf!

I went on holiday and needed quick access to my passport and Boarding Card - where to keep them? My Infinity Scarf! 

No more scrabbling in my bag for the things I need quickly!

This accessory really is your new best friend!

Check out the range available - lots of colours and styles to choose from to suit your style!